What if you could create change and find purpose in your

life, reduce stress, depression, and anxiety? Or would you

like to make those dietary, exercise and life style changes

needed to improve your health? Maybe you just want to

feel in control and enjoy life more?


Kinesiology can help you to clear what is blocking you from moving forward, release stress from your past, present and future so you can feel more connected to yourself and in control.


Kinesiology can help you to bring yourself back into balance improve your life and achieve your goals.


Kinesiology offers a wonderful holistic approach to well being and healing. It can reduce stress and imbalances in your body systems to bring the body back to its natural balanced state. This restores the body’s natural innate ability to heal and improve your health and vitality.


Kinesiology uses muscle feedback (muscle testing) to identify where the stress and imbalances are in your body systems: Anatomical–(structural), Physiological-(nutritional and bio-chemical), and Psychological – (mental/emotional), and then using muscle feedback to determine what your body needs to correct the imbalances.


Many of my clients are over achievers who start seeing me because they are experiencing depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, perfectionism, grief, worry, stress, fear, money blocks, or feeling overwhelmed.  I have seen many of my clients transform their lives. I want that for you! If you are ready for change in your life I'd love to support you.


My name is Martha Ajaeb and I am a Kinesiologist here at The Southern Tier Massage & Wellness in Owego, N.Y.


Martha W. Ajaeb, BKPIts

All About Balance